Friday, January 20, 2012


What do you think of pacifiers? Do you love them or hate them? I think it all depends on the child. My son took a pacifier for about a year then just stopped. He really only used them when he went to bed to help with his teething.
Some parents worry about the pacifiers hurting their teeth, dropping on the floor, if their child will get attached to it and never give it up or other worries.
My thought behind them getting attached to it is that I think its better to have them attached to something like a pacifier that you can take away rather then have them be a thumb sucker that its harder to break the habit later on. A pacifier you can take away like we did with our son and just phase it out. A thumb is not as easy to do because you can phase it out or take it away.
They also have newer pacifiers for infants that help with the natural development of teeth and gums. My favorite brand of pacifier is Philips Avent BPA Free. Here is a webiste that tells all about them!

I know a lot of parents if your child drops or spits out a pacifier and it falls on the floor then what do you do? Well I say don't let it fall on the floor! I used pacifier leashes with my son when he was little. They were a great invention! You can attach one end to your child's clothes, stroller, carrier and so forth, and the other end you attach to whatever it is you are wanting to keep off the floor. I decided that since I loved it when my son was little I would try to make them. I found a pattern online for pacifier leashes and kind of did my own twist on it. They are vary handy to use for your little one. You can also use it for toys or other various things!

Here is one of the many leashes I sell on my Etsy shop!
Check out the rest of them here!