Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Laundry Detergent

Do you think your laundry detergent that your using is safe? I thought it was until I read this label and then I switched to Melapower laundry detergent.

Did you know all of this was in your laundry detergent? It is awful. Then I thought how I put my son's clothes in it to wash it! When my friend first showed me this my mouth dropped to the floor. Then she told me about Melapower from Melaleuca and it is way different.

The other nice thing about MelaPower is with an ultra-concentrated, environmentally friendly formula, MelaPower 6x HE gives you 6 times more loads of pure cleaning power in every small bottle. So less loads of laundry!!!! Which is a godsend if you have a child right? I remember how much laundry I did when my son was a baby let alone how much he goes through now being a toddler. 
What do the big name brand bottles have that MelaPower 6x hasn’t? EXTRA WATER.When you buy 2x concentrated detergents, you’re paying a premium for bottled water and bigger packaging. With MelaPower 6x, you’re paying for highly concentrated cleaning power, and you let your washing machine add the water for you. So next time you go to the store to buy your laundry detergent, think about the ingrediants in it and how much you are really spending for what your getting. 
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