Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New creation try...

So I was trying to think about new things for babies and kids that I could make. I was thinking how to make babies sleep better. Well how do adults sleep good? Sometimes they wear masks. So why not a kid wear a mask? Maybe someone has already made them but I wanted to crochet them! So I found a pattern courtesy of and just did it without the owl on it and and made it with a smaller hook! I am planning on making more and some of them for babies too. It would keep the sun out of their little faces and eyes when they are trying to sleep!
Here is what I made today!

Need some input.....What do you think?

Monday, December 29, 2014

After Christmas....Before New Years!

I admit the Holiday's took time away from my shop and blogging. I hope everyone had a great Christmas Holiday but New Years is just a couple days away! I don't think we have any big plans for the New Year celebrations. My husband although is Buddhist so he will take our son to his temple for the ringing of the bell on New Years Eve.
Do you have any New Years traditions that you take part in?
I am still debating on weather to let my 5 year old stay up until midnight for the new year. I think he could but do I really want a grumpy 5 year old the next day?

Lately I have been getting more into taking photos and posting them on facebook and such. My dad just bought a new camera and gave me his old one too which is nicer then the one I had. My father in law also is very into photography. In fact he has a website that I would love to share with you! Check out his photos they are breathtaking!

The other day he came up to me and said "you are doing a wonderful job with your photos and capturing the angles and such". I was very excited and touched that he would say that. So I decided to add some digital download options to my etsy shop. Right now I only have one but will be adding more to it.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

December braclet/anklet sale!

All bracelets/anklets in my shop are 10% off for the rest of December! Come check out what I have! I make a lot of custom name ones also!
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Finished Hat for my son

I finished the earflap hat I made for my 5 year old son! I think it came out good for my first time making it! Might nedd to make it bigger next time but overall it came out nice!

Quilting progress

So I finally got some much needed help and advice on quilting thanks to my dad's girlfriend. She is a wiz when it comes to quilting and has been doing it for lots of years. I don't think I will be able to finish the Christmas table topper this year unfortunatly. It just takes a lot of skill and practice that I just don't have down yet. I am determined to finish it by next year though! On the positive side I did some great work on my first ever baby quilt today! Learned how to start piecing it together and sewing it nicely on my new sewing machine! Here is what I got done today!

Trying a new hat

So for a long time I have been trying to make different types of hats and none of them have succeeded. They either come out too big or don't come out at all HAHA. I had a hard time getting the "magic ring" down cause its works the best on hats and it is what is in most patterns for them. I FINALLY GOT IT!!! It took me a long time to figure it out but with the help of one of my crocheting friends I got it down. So I tried a new hat pattern yesterday for my nephew and it looks sooo adroable! I am going to give it to him for Christmas. So when I showed it to my son he asked me to make him a hat too. I mean I have a few hats on my Etsy shop for babies but they are just plain beanies. This one has ear flaps and tassles on it! So I am starting to make a hat for my son now too. Here is the start of it:
He wanted a specific pattern and everything. "Mom you know it goes black, yellow, grey right?" Every half hour he would remind me :) He was soo cute.
I am very excited to be able to start making different kinds of hats now!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

FREE SHIPPING on Embroidered Bracelets!

For the rest of the month of December I am doing a sale on my Embroidered Bracelets! You get FREE SHIPPING!!! Don't pay for shipping for your order on these lovely bracelets!
FREE SHIPPING for month of December!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Benefits of Handmade

So what are the benefits of handmade? Do you ever wonder why it would be better to purchase something that was handmade by someone rather then buying it at say Target or any retailer?
Sometimes when I think about it I try to think about what makes me want to buy something that is handmade or custom even. I love the fact that when I make something that I am not just making it to make it. I put thought and love and effort into everything that I create. Whether or not its for me or someone I know or for a customer.
You can't go into a store and get that same feeling knowing that you are buying something and it was made just for you with care. I also do a lot of custom items in my shop that I can put names on or different colors and such. Say you want a specific size, color, and style and its not in the store then you are just out of luck. Not the case when it comes to handmade. Most of the time if you ask the shop owner on Esty or such they will gladly do it to however you would like it.
I communicate with all my customers on what colors they want for which child anklet and what the names for each one. They love the fact that I took the time to find out each and every detail of their order so they get exactly what they want.
Yes sometimes handmade is more expensive then in the store but handmade is a much better quality. You want to know that someone is not just sitting in a factory or a machine didn't make it for you but someone took the time to sit down and custom create something just for you. So next time you want to purchase something then think about going to Etsy and getting something handmade custom to what you want and not just what there is on the shelf.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Festive decorations and such

Had a great and festive weekend! Took my son and his friend to the parade of lights. So we got there about 45 minutes early so we could get a good spot. We found a spot on the sidewalk that was great and we were excite to have a good spot so the kids could see. Well the white line in the street between the sidewalk and the street where the parade was which I think was the shoulder of the road people started to come in front of us. I was so incredibly mad! We were there for about an hour or so cause we wanted good seats with no one in front of us and they came late and just started sitting in front of us and then the kids couldn't see! At least when it started the older lady in front of us let the kids come sit up near them so they could see. Overall it was a fun time though!

We also decorated our house for the Christmas year all but the tree. We are getting a real tree this year so we are getting that this week. I got some houses from my in laws that I was excited to put up cause they have the windows with people in them! I also made my sons stocking 2 years ago and I was very excited to make it and it came out sooo cute! Do you make Christmas decorations or stockings for your family?

Christmas Village Houses

The Church

The Station

The Stocking that I made 2 years ago for my son

Friday, December 5, 2014

Table Topper materials and pattern....

So I got out my table topper directions and the fabric and I have to say I am a little intimidated. I didn't realize I would have to cut all the pieces before I sew them... Oh well guess I got my work cut out for me! Here is a look of the very very beginning of my Christmas Table Topper.

What it hopefully will look like when its done!

Just a handmade!

Looking through some of my blogs that I follow I came across this from Wilde Designs.
I love this idea! Even if you have kids and buy the many toys and such that they asked for for Christmas, you could still get a little something handmade! There are many stores on Etsy that have things for everyone in your family. If you are looking for things for your baby then check out my shop at Everything Precious but if its something else you need then search on Etsy!
Here are some of the shops that I really like if you need some ideas!

There are many more! Just come check out Etsy!
Thanks for the idea from Wilde Designs! Here is the website for their shop!

Holiday weekend fun!

Well its Friday! We are planning on going to the Parade of Lights downtown Denver as a family and my son is bringing one of his friends from school. We are also gonna decorate the house this weekend! I am super excited to decorate. We will be getting our tree on Wednesday though. Also going to be baking cookies with one of my son's other friends. In the mist of all this holiday fun I am going to try to work on my quilts that I have :) I want to start working on the Christmas table topper that I got yesterday and we shall see if I get it done before Christmas HAHA.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Handmade christmas decor

Got a new Christmas pattern for a table topper to try out!! Might start it tomorrow. I have really been enjoying getting ready for Christmas this year. I love this time of year and Christmas is my favorite holiday. The lights, the tree, the holiday movies, making cookies and everything else! We sat as a family last night and watched them light up the Rockafeller tree on tv. I especially love sitting and watching the Hallmark channel Christmas movies!
Having a 5 year old I think its important to get into the spirit of Christmas and show him that its not just about getting presents, but the importance of the holiday and being with family.

Monday, December 1, 2014

New projects

Its that time of year again! Tis the season for holiday shopping! I am working on a few projects for my family right now, but also going to be trying my hand at quilting soon! My dad bought me a new sewing machine for my birthday/Christmas present this year and I am excited to try it out.

I have made my son a new pillow for his bed for my first project with it and it came out pretty well!

My next project is a baby quilt for my shop. I have the quilt squares and the batting and now I just have to put it together HAHA Easier said then done, but here is what I have so far.

My new sewing machine!