Monday, December 8, 2014

Festive decorations and such

Had a great and festive weekend! Took my son and his friend to the parade of lights. So we got there about 45 minutes early so we could get a good spot. We found a spot on the sidewalk that was great and we were excite to have a good spot so the kids could see. Well the white line in the street between the sidewalk and the street where the parade was which I think was the shoulder of the road people started to come in front of us. I was so incredibly mad! We were there for about an hour or so cause we wanted good seats with no one in front of us and they came late and just started sitting in front of us and then the kids couldn't see! At least when it started the older lady in front of us let the kids come sit up near them so they could see. Overall it was a fun time though!

We also decorated our house for the Christmas year all but the tree. We are getting a real tree this year so we are getting that this week. I got some houses from my in laws that I was excited to put up cause they have the windows with people in them! I also made my sons stocking 2 years ago and I was very excited to make it and it came out sooo cute! Do you make Christmas decorations or stockings for your family?

Christmas Village Houses

The Church

The Station

The Stocking that I made 2 years ago for my son