Thursday, January 8, 2015


When my son was a baby and was teething I tried many different things to help. We tired baby orajel, teething rings, pacifiers, and other things. The one that he seemed to like the best though was either ice in a washcloth or just a wet washcloth that I put in the freezer. So I thought what would be a great cobination of the two for me to make? I came up with the idea of a TEETHING POUCH!!! So here is the newest addition to my shop. I hope that it catches on and mom's try it for their kiddos.
So here you can put ice cubes in it.

It has velcro to close

It is made of 100% cotton yarn so its OK for babies mouths. You can either put ice cubes in it for them to chew on or you can wet the entire pouch and stick it in the freezer! Pass this on to your friends and families! Here is the link to see it in my shop!